Cranio-sacral Osteopathy

Osteopathy (osteo= bone, pathos= disease, pain) and Cranio-sacral therapy (cranium= skull) are systems of connective tissue treatment. By means of subtle techniques it is possible to move much back to its original place within the body. Many parts of the body are actually made of connective tissue and the rest is, so to say, suspended by it.
Moreover it is possible to release stress from the tissue, which result from injuries like whiplash, even if already very old.



With the system of Cranio-sacral therapy there are two special methods which work very deep:

  • Therapeutic dialogue: release  of a deep seated persistent blockade by a conversation in deep relaxation via the body.
  • SELF Waves (Super extreme low frequency waves) move through all bodies and things all the time at various frequencies. To regulate or strengthen these rhythms can release tension in all kinds of body tissues and the mind as well.